Duration: 0900 – 1600

Intro to Map and Compass is designed to provide the basic skills, knowledge, and ability to read various topographical maps and plot courses to travel in remote areas. Students will have an opportunity to practice skills outside. This course is suitable for beginners, or those looking to refresh their land navigation skills.


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Course Details:

In accordance with AWE’s philosophy, all activities must adhere to LNT principals and be in accordance with the rules and regulations mandated by the jurisdiction the course is offered in.

Class Ratio: 12 participants:1 Instructor

Learning outcomes:

  • Situational awareness in the wilderness
  • Choosing the right map and learning to read them
  • Choosing the right compass and learning how it works
  • Identifying map colours and symbology
  • Understanding grid systems
  • Interpreting contour lines and terrain association
  • Plotting way points and course
  • Using declination and determining a bearing from a map and in the field
  • Putting theory into practice outside: Practical application of skills.

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