Our mission is to provide an inclusive environment where everyone has the option to pursue an adventure that fits their interest and abilities. We’ve adopted and modified a rating system that contextualizes our programs with respect to what skills and abilities a client should possess prior to making a decision. We hope that this guide will be beneficial to you and, as always, we invite you to get in touch if you have any questions that are specific to your personal circumstances.

Levels defined: Level A, 1, 2, 3 and 4

Difficulty Rating A: Accessible

Suitable for stroller, wheelchair, or other wheel assisted travel. Paved, hardened gravel, or terrain or approach. The distance travelled and anticipated timing of the activity are detailed in the activity description. Please direct any inquiries for reasonable accommodation to the Operations Manager in advance of the trip.

Difficulty Rating 1: Novice

Reasonable fitness for the expected activity is needed, but the trip is designed for those new to the activity. Expect to be active up to 4 hours/day. Generous breaks provided throughout.

Difficulty Rating 2: Moderate

Fitness level and/or past experience to sustain the activity at a moderate pace is required. Expect to be active up to 6 hours per day. Reasonable breaks in the action. Individual has some backcountry camping, hiking and/or paddling skills, where applicable depending on excursion requirements.

Difficulty Rating 3: Vigorous

Suitable for those with recent similar experience and/or demonstrated proficiency, such as being active in sports or often (regular) engagement in vigorous physical activity. Ability to perform at the expected level for back-to-back days for multiday trips. Expect to be active 6-8 hours per day, with brief breaks. Individual has experience backcountry camping, hiking/skiing and/or paddling skills, depending on excursion requirements

Difficulty Rating 4: Strenuous

Most physically demanding. Fitness for the specific activity is required with direct experience in the activity highly recommended and potentially mandatory (see the activity description). Expect to be active 8+ hours per day for back-to-back days if it is a multiday trip. Breaks will be shorter/fewer than for other levels of trips. Extensive backcountry camping or other skills specific to the excursion are expected from client.