Prerequisites: None

Duration: 0900 – 1600

This experience is designed for individuals who consider themselves novice to intermediate skill level in the backcountry and are looking to enhance their skills and become more self-reliant. Participants will learn and practice shelter making, basic wilderness survival, Leave No Trace (LNT) ethics, emergency management/risk assessment and basic wilderness medicine. This course will have a practical application/scenario to support the theory learned. Guests will be required to work as a team, demonstrate leadership as well as self-awareness and engage others in a respectful manner.


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Course Details

While practicing basic outdoor skills, all activities must adhere to LNT principles and be in accordance with the rules and regulations mandated by the jurisdiction the course is offered in. Class Ratio: 12 participants:1 Instructor


  • Trip preparation and packing for the backcountry
    1. Trip planning
    2. The Ten Essentials
    3. Gear and Equipment (stoves, tents, sleeping systems, clothing)
  • Basic Wilderness Skills
    1. Shelter (standard and emergency shelter)
    2. Fire starting, stoves and basic camp cooking
    3. Signalling/Communication
    4. Wildlife defence
    5. Technology in the backcountry
    6. Evacuation planning
    7. Basic water safety (river crossing, boating, etc)
  • Emergency Wilderness First Aid
    1. Scene Assessment
    2. Activating EMS
    3. Patient assessment
    4. Treatment of life-threatening emergencies
    5. Recognizing and treating hypothermia and frostbite

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